In the Company of Horses has resulted in over 20 years of experience in the equine industry. It is run by my husband Lloyd Gillespie and their services vary between specialised equine consulting and training services as well as adventures and safari packages. In the Company of Horses' journey with horses, continuously makes the owners look at themselves. The aim is to improve the relationship with the horses, and ultimately it is about understanding the self and how one perceives life. 

In the Company of Horses has also been doing equine outreach and skills upliftment training in rural communities for many years. Please follow the link to their website to learn more about their outreach work and other specialized equine service.

These services range from:

  • Consultations and Specialised Training (e.g. Natural Body Language, Dangerous Game Guiding)
  • Equine Faciliated Personal Development Interventions with a herd of horses
  • Student Intership Placements  with horses (seasonal, limited spaces)
  • Wilderness and Equine faciliated learning experiences and trails (seasonal)
Please visit for more information and to get in touch.